International Training and Simulation Alliance (ITSA)

  The International Voice of the Training and Simulation Industry

The International Training and Simulation Alliance (ITSA) is a worldwide network of training and simulation associations that share common goals. The energy of ITSA evolves from the power of the regional organizations which, together, are the constellation of a training and simulation operational framework. While virtual in nature, ITSA vibrantly exists in a constant communicative environment of unparalleled access for the community so represented. Borders are unknown in this ITSA worldwide access wherein regional organizations experience real-time exchange of technology development ideas and reciprocity of association support. ITSA has, or has in creation, associations in the USA (NTSA), Europe (ETSA), the Republic of Korea (KTSA), and Australia (SIAA).

For the collective benefit of all, ITSA will . . .

. . .educate and inform the legislative, policy-making, acquisition, and regulatory functions of governments whose agencies are actively engaged in exploitation of simulation technologies for training.

. . .promote the highest possible level of responsibility and business ethics.

. . .provide industry-wide bulletins and new reports dealing with association activities and interests.

. . .provide direct contact with acquisition activities to better communicate with the industry regarding requirements, procurement policies, and issues.

. . .increase the value of training and simulation systems to users as well as producers.

. . .actively participate with, support training-related actions of, and inform other related associations of its activities.




The mission of ITSA is to promote a better understanding around the globe of the importance of training and simulation technology for the use in every profession and endeavor known to mankind.


The interests of the International Training and Simulation Alliance are truly global, extending its reach through communications, internet presence, and networking to provide connectivity with all of the regional organizations. This is accomplished without costs to the regional organizations. Each regional entity is autonomous in terms of its own dues structure, products, benefits, and events. There are no fees levied by ITSA Worldwide Headquarters.

ITSA Worldwide actively seeks out and invites those regional groups that have an interest in the promotion of training and simulation technologies.

In implementing the mission of ITSA, the Worldwide Headquarters will:

  • Maintain a connectivity database with and for all the regional organizations.
  • Publish timely information related to technology developments and program evolution.
  • Provide resources for the establishment of newly established regional organizations.
  • Promote at training and simulation events the utility of the global alliance.
  • Encourage the establishment of regional organizations by providing discount consideration for conference registration and exhibit floor space at the annual I/ITSEC in the U.S.

Worldwide Headquarters


2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201-3061 • USA
Phone: (703) 247-9471

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